A perfect blend of Italian Lifestyle and Swiss efficiency

Lugano and Geneva are well connected to all of Europe’s most dynamic centres. These locations allow to provide high service levels while ensuring an excellent quality of life.

Private Banking

Private banking is a centuries-old tradition in Switzerland. Now, the past has come to embrace the future, spawning a dynamic and competitive financial market which has grown and developed constantly over the years. Our bank has managed to stand out in this financial context and intends to continue to play a leading role.

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Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s Value

We belong to a major European Banking Group. The value of those roots has taught us the importance of paying constant attention to the relationships with our customers. At the same time, those roots give us strength and make us always ready to tackle the markets of a New Europe, as a dynamic and leading player.

The Value of Tailor-Made Management

Integrity, responsibility, and a long-term vision guide us in our behaviour and interaction with our clients. We focus on the individual needs and personal preferences of our clientele. We strive to provide our clients with impartial advice and long-term relationships.

A Strong International Presence

In addition to Switzerland, the Group ISPB (Suisse) Morval has offices in Monaco, Uruguay, the Cayman Islands, Bahrain, and Italy so that we can meet the specific needs of our clientele in all parts of the world.

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Our approach to Private Banking

The world is changing at a stunning pace.
We want to be a bastion of certainty for individuals faced with so many competitors to choose from. We are a safe haven for our customers today, and will continue to be so tomorrow. Our mission is to meet our clients' expectations, protect their assets, and identify the best investment opportunities.

What is our added value?

We know how to seize new opportunities without ever losing the final objective of our work:
the stability of assets over time.

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Our target audience

Private and Institutional Investors looking for a specialised and flexible partner, able to respond quickly and effectively.
Clients who value clarity and see expertise and professional skills as the key factors for the management of their wealth.